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20 Sq.Ft. (94') MasterHeat 120V Coated In Floor Heating Wire

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MasterHeat 120v wire is a simple, economical way to warm floors and provide years of lasting comfort. Warm all kinds of floor coverings including ceramic tile, stone, wood, laminates, vinyl and carpet. Whatever your installation, there is a MasterHeat in floor warming cable spool sized just for your project.

All Tile Inc offers coated MasterHeat in floor heating wire cables. Coated floor warming wires are available in 120 VAC and cover anywhere from 8 - 120 square feet, depending on wire spacing. MasterHeat in floor warming wires can be used in all applications, including shower applications. MasterHeat cables can be combined  together with each other, but must never exceed 15amp (150 square feet at 2.5" spacing) draw per thermostat or relay.

Evaluate how many square feet of floor you would like to be heated by radiant heat. Do not put under cabinets or appliances. Generally, about 85%-90% of the open areas should have the floor warming element. Leave the in floor heating wire at least 4"-6" away from your walls. To keep toes warm, install right up to the toe-kick in front of kitchen or bath cabinets, and in front of a toilet, shower or tub.


2” on center = 15 Watts/sq. ft.
Use on concrete basement slabs, sunrooms, and in other high heat loss areas.

2-1/2” on center = 12 Watts/sq. ft.
Use in bathrooms, kitchens, dining/living areas, etc.

3” on center = 10 Watts/sq. ft.
Use in hallways, entries, low heat loss areas, etc.

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